City of Atlanta
Department of Aviation
Department of Watershed Management
72 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA 30303

Start Date

Valerie Nesbitt
Department of Aviation

Marlene Coleman
Department of Watershed Management

Support Services
Small Business Development Program
City of Atlanta, Department of Aviation & Department of Watershed Management

Since 2007, JAT has played an integral role in the development, execution, and management of the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management (DWM) Small Business Development Program (SBDP). Based on its significant success and the City of Atlanta Department of Aviation’s (DOA) need for a similar program, JAT initiated a partnership between the two departments to continue and enhance the Small Business Development Program.  As the primary consultant, JAT is providing program support services to the ASG  and A3 joint ventures.

The SBDP helps small, minority, and female contractors and consultants compete for city projects. JAT assists in research, development, and implementation of a comprehensive training program, including a 10-week course curriculum.  Successful completion of this program prepares participants for subcontracting and prime contracting opportunities with the City of Atlanta DOA $6.7 billion Capital Improvement Program and DWM $4 billion program to rebuild the water and sewer infrastructure. 

The goal for this new DOA/DWM SBDP is to increase skill sets and capabilities of small, minority, and female businesses to compete with larger firms and broaden their opportunities of doing business in the metro area. JAT evaluates and identifies operational and technical training that can be shared and specialized training for both departments.

JAT is responsible for the following program support services:

  • Outreach and public relations

  • Assessment and firm systems review for participant selection

  • Group training modules

  • One-on-one advisory services

  • Roundtable sessions among industry leaders, primes, and subconsultants with

  • Course report, including metrics