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One Georgia Center
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11th floor
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Start Date
November 2013

Dan Bodycomb
Program Manager
TIA Program Management Team

Program Management
Transportation Investment Act Program
Georgia Department of Transportation

JAT Consulting Services, Inc. is providing  support services to the GDOT Transportation Investment Act (TIA) Program, which includes over 832 improvement projects for communities within three regions of Georgia.  By serving as an effective liaison between the program team and GDOT, and interacting with the regions with respect to costs and invoices, JAT is an integral part of successful intergovernmental coordination and transparency.

Georgia voters passed the TIA Referendum in the regions of Central Savannah River Area, Heart of Georgia – Altamaha, and River Valley. GDOT is responsible for management of the budget, schedule, execution, and delivery of all projects contained in the Approved Investment Lists in these regions. GDOT is collaborating with local and state agencies to ensure timely delivery of TIA projects, with a structure that focuses on high-level project management, intergovernmental coordination, transparency, and successful program delivery. 

As a subconsultant to AECOM, JAT is responsible for financial and administrative functions.  JAT provides project management support on all invoicing and contracts, and has been instrumental in ensuring efficient invoice processing and document control. JAT’s Control Specialist implemented a new "expedited" invoice process for the TIA Program, assisted the Invoicing Program Manual creation, and established methodology for document control procedures. JAT performs invoice review/data entry and GSFIC review/reconciliation, including review of GDOT invoices for consultants, contractors, and GDOT direct labor and expenses submitted for state reimbursement. 

JAT responsibilities also include:

  • consolidation/reporting of collections information and entering into PMIS

  • assistance with updating project close-out procedures and close-out of projects

  • creation, routing, distribution, logging, and documentation of work authorizations

  • consolidation and reporting of DBE/SBE/VBE participation for individual program projects

  • performance of general QA/QC of data and information for team members as requested

  • coordination of required public notices in correct legal publication