Owner’s Representative
City of Canton, Georgia

110 Academy Street
Canton, GA 30114

Start Date
October 2018

Anticipated Completion Date
November 2019

Nathan Ingram
Chief Financial Officer

Financial Management Support
City of Canton, Georgia

JAT performed analysis of the impact of conversion from the Standard Industry Classification (SIC) system to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). JAT assisted in conversion of the city’s occupational tax database and consulted on changes to the city’s ordinance. The project included a second phase to perform a Profitability Ratio Analysis and make recommendations to the city to properly apply the Profitability Ratio Method. JAT also conducted a survey of methods, tax rates, and revenues in other local governments and is making recommendations to City Council on Phase II in November 2019.

NAICS requires a significant effort to implement. JAT began by reviewing the occupational tax ordinance, current rate structures, business license listings, and other relevant data and documents. JAT assisted in conversion of the city’s occupational tax database from the SIC system to NAICS.

JAT performed a profitability ratio analysis and recommended updates to the assignment of tax classes. Using the data obtained during previous procedures, JAT estimated the revenue for City of Canton occupational tax after the conversion.

JAT also provided alternative rate structures for consideration by city management and City Council.