Owner’s Representative
Jacobs Engineering Group

10 Tenth Street, NW
Suite 1400
Atlanta, GA 30309

Start Date
May 2018

Marcy Newman, PE, CFM
Program Manager
OID Program
Office 210.403.6381
Mobile 817.313.1447

DBE Program Support Services
I-285FM I-75/Cobb thru Fulton to I-85/Dekalb Express Lanes Project
Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)

JAT is providing support services to Jacobs Engineering Group on GDOT’s I-285FM I-75/Cobb thru Fulton to I-85/Dekalb Express Lanes Project in the development and implementation of a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Mentoring Plan and Program. The program goals are to help DBEs gain GDOT pre-qualifications, expand and diversify their service lines, facilitate partnerships, and meet GDOT’s DBE commitment.

As a subconsultant to Jacobs, JAT is assisting in the preparation of the DBE Mentoring Plan and implementation of the program. JAT is responsible for developing an initial plan outline and establishing timelines and program activities. JAT will ensure that the Mentoring Plan aligns with the goals and objectives of the Georgia Unified Certification Program DBE Plan, in accordance with regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation, 49 CFR Part 26.

JAT responsibilities also include:

  • Assessment and Development Plan

JAT will conduct an assessment of each firm to review current business practices in technical, operational, management, and marketing areas. Once the evaluation is completed, a series of collaborative meetings will be conducted and a development plan will be prepared for each DBE outlining their specific growth plan.

  • Training and Workshops

JAT will customize a training structure based on the individual development plan for each of the DBEs, optimizing the most efficient format of training to maximize the transfer of knowledge. Training formats will include individual training sessions, workshops, and job shadowing.

  • Metrics and Reporting

JAT will establish a baseline for metrics utilizing the assessments and individualized growth plans to measure the firm’s technical, operational, management, and marketing growth and improvement. Areas for improvement will include development and implementation of written policies, procedures, and standards, and training of various staff members for each of the firms.